Android 2.3 Conversion To Dalvik Format Failed With Error 1

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EnclosingMethod attribute. This class was probably produced by a compiler that did not target the modern.class file format. [2011-10-19 15:19:23 – MyProject] Dx 2 errors; aborting [2011-10-19 15:19:23 – MyProject] Conversion to Dalvik format failed with error 1.

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/. 오랜만에 업데이트를 위해 다시 프로그래밍을 하려고 하는데. Conversion to dalvik format failed with error 1 에러 때문에 한참을 고생했네요 패키징하려고 proguard 를 실행할 때 Conversion to dalvik format failed with error 1 가 발생했습니다.

Join the DZone community and get the. Every month or so, while exporting an Android application to get an apk file, I see the mysterious message: “Conversion to Dalvik format failed with error code 1″. Information on what to do is.

Apr 2, 2015. So. I am working on an Android Game and in order to allow people to report errors/crashes I recently added the first libary to my project: ACRA

Apr 22, 2010., then you will be getting the exact same error. After the Eclipse DDMS update 8.0.0 came with the release of Android 2.3 this error suddenly appeared. add -Xmx1024m to the file to make the memory size to 1

We love it, users love it, until suddenly: the mysterious compile error. Unable to execute dex: method ID not in [0, 0xffff]: 65536 Conversion to Dalvik format failed. getDefaultProguardFile(‘proguard-android.txt’), ‘’.

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2011年9月6日. [Android]使用ProGuard遇到“conversion to Dalvik format failed with error 1”. 员 保护自己的劳动成果非常有用,目前已经包含在Android SDK 2.3 里面了。. Application 时提示“conversion to Dalvik format failed with error 1”错误。

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Oct 20, 2011. Today I updated my SDK and ADT to the 14 version and I had a big problem !! Every project I had which used Android Library Project couldn't.

Go to Project » Properties » Java Build Path » Libraries and remove all except the "Android X.Y" (in my case Android 1.5). click OK. Go to Project » Clean.

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Earlier versions of the build system report this error as follows: Conversion to Dalvik format failed: Unable to execute dex. dependencies { compile ‘’ } This library becomes part of the primary DEX file.

StrictMode is available as of API 9, therefore make sure to use Android. binary format called HPROF. To create a heap dump us the Dump HPROF file button in the DDMS Perspective. The Dalvik format is similar to the Java heap dump.

3.2.3. Intent Compatibility Core Application Intents Android intents allow application components to request functionality from other Android components.

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I solved the problem. This is a JAR file conflict. It seems that I have two JAR files on my buildpath that include the same package and classes. Smack.jar and android_maps_lib-1.0.2. Deleting this package from one of the JAR files solved the problem.

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